Thursday, May 23, 2013


I took the grip off and immediately realized this was a Rick Howard I bought from Mike York in between EMB and Pier 7. At the time I gave it a try, but hated it because it was too big and flat to do flip tricks on. Guess that's why I painted over it and forgot about it. I actually thought it was a Davey Rogers Beer City board that he gave me. Now I'm bummed because I don't know where that board is.

Latest weird cruiser design. The hammerhead model. I was a big fan of the Hosoi series back in the day, but this is not an ode, and not about functionality, it's about a cool fucking shape of a badass fish. Did you know that there is no record of a hammerhead shark killing a human? Afterthought: hope this doesn't look like a giant ribbed penis. But I guess either way it's impressive...

Friday, May 3, 2013

It like totally clashes!

I cut, shaped and painted this deck for Patrick. My newer, wider shape. Weird combo of black over red paint, cut marks via Kershaw knife, then some sanding. Dig his big azz black Bones wheels, but as an artist, I can't get behind his choice of white trucks. Indy's or not, it doesn't mesh with the dark, somber aesthetic.

But what the fuck do "artists" know?

Enjoy, sir Pat. These set-ups are what I call "therapeutic."

It's 75 degrees out right now and I'm in shorts. What the fuck am I doing inside? Going out for some therapy.