Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Clown Flip

BIG PANTS LITTLE STYLE from Quinn Davis on Vimeo.

Weird music for weird times...

IF one has to accept certain stages as necessary in the history of progress, than this is truly an experiment in learning humility. I probably only showed this to a handful of people, reluctantly. But it was all filmed with some unclear intention. I never really thought of anything beyond shop sponsorship, and turning pro, unlike the newer gen's hardwiring, never even came to mind outside of abstract envy. I was obsessed, but progress was a thing of self, and moving forward. Or somehow backward, if you think about this period of big pants and small wheels. (Tho perhaps necessary as it grounded us long enough to get a feel for a need to get back speed and air.) And yet looking back, as embarrassing as it may be, I'm glad we used to film this stuff. And it's amusing to go back and watch, to get to acknowledge where you were and how far you've come. My pants fit and my wheels roll. I did lose late flips....

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Andy Jenkins is a definite favorite of mine, and one of my earliest influences in the world of art. Any skateboarder who picked up a Transworld mag from the late 80's and early 90's must recall with delight Wrench Pilot. Not a lot of people can get away with drawing someone skateboarding without making it look, well, silly.
Anyway...not to pigeon-hole him either. His talents are far reaching, much further than Lettus Bee. Check out his site, and here's a good interview.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bummed On Self.

In my 21 years of skateboarding, I've done the following twice, now:

You get back to your car, a little tired from skating, and you lean the board up against the car. You take a seat, leaving the car door open, because, you're going to skate some more. You sit and drink some water or whatever, and due to reason A, and maybe B, or A minus B, or just out of sinking back and getting comfortable, you decide to throw in the towel and leave. ("I'll come back in the morning when nobody's here...yeah.") And you close the door to the car and you drive off.

Forget anything asshole?

The first time I did this I was gone for a full day, and came back and the skateboard was still there, lonely, sitting in the middle of my residential street in Los Angeles. Lucky?

This time the Gods did not grant me such kindness. They reached down and scooped up my poor lonely axe, and are now fingerboarding on the cosmos with it as I write this. Hardy-har.

Does God laugh harder when you announce your plans -or when you change them quietly and do something stupid?

No Gods. No luck. No board. Some little kid is reveling in his found treasure, and is probably still asleep somewhere, without a care in the world about plans.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


One of my favorite photos of old, that I remember staring at for great lengths when I was probably 12. The word "style" comes to mind. The weird thing about this pic is my memory of it was from the other side of the street.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Satisfied a powerful lust for a Zip-Zinger. A friend (thanks Jesse), knowing how broke I tend to be, suggested I make the deck myself. It worked out really well, after 7 hours of labor. Used an old Flip deck I randomly won in an online trivia contest. The hardest part is definitely the drawing of the shape. Much props to the board shapers out there.

Yes, a mess.

Stole some curve from the G&S my high school history teacher gave me. Mr. Smith is The Man.
I learned this fold-symmetry method from some footage of Rodney Mullen.
New wheelbase. I made the tail too small.
Getting a clean line was impossible for me.

The old man's orbital sander is apparently broke, so I had to sand it by hand. A good workout.

Indy 129's and Powell All Terrain, 80 du.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Think demo, circa 94, Bainbridge Island. Matt Pailes, pre-Rasta cult. Backside 180 over the volcano*, a smooth move. Taken with the old trusty (yet stolen, R.I.P.) Pentax Asahi. Probably one of my first skate photos ever. Got some others of Wade Speyer from that day I'll post soon.