Sunday, February 19, 2012


Aside from the fact that he looked like a malfunctioned Terminator T2000 gone rogue and homeless, Tim Jackson was a style king. I saw him in his Venice stomping ground circa his heyday, probably 1989. I went down to the beach in search for Mullen (whom I never saw him in those days, but always saw someone) and was blessed with a one man show. Jackson was doing his usual (though far from any other usual) onslaught against the 4 foot tall, 40 foot long wall divider above the (once was) graffiti pits, which are now filled in with sand. He would approach at full speed a la bad-ass Dogtown gangster surf style (i.e. attitude) and straight wallie up and boardslide through the kink, about 20-30 feet. Sometimes he'd layback (as below), other times tuck-knee or pop-out early. It was his shtick and he did it better than anyone I've seen since. Venice had such a rad 80's scene, which was borderline voyeuristic in its display. They performed and we watched. Or was it because we watched?

Check out Rowley's psyched intro to Jackson's Risk It Part

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