Sunday, January 15, 2012


Where are all these amazing fuckers coming from??? Stumbled upon this randomly on the interwebs. Quick footed ninja kid, good loosey-goosey yet somehow solid style, Mark Sucio. Amazing trick selection, reverts everything the wrong way, big or small looks to have the same (none) impact on him. Honorable (or Questionable) mentions in this corner are the gap to front board to fakie at the SF Library, nollie cab front board a rail, the back tail to over gap-to-3 stair at Pulaski Park (did I get that right?), ssbsnb a rail, the ridonculous ender...oh, just goddamn everything. I like the fact that he does lots of runs. Oh, and the rarest trick in his part, reading a book.

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I just realized that Blair recently gave me a few-month-old Skateboarder Mag with a Sucio interview, with photos of tricks from this video. It all blurs. I am out of the loop. But Sucio did say the kfbsnss on the rail was the hardest. Yeah, he had to go back and do it again legit. It must be rough being so good.