Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I vaguely remember this, which is to say, I don't remember it at all. Street skating brings you in face-to-face combat with so many poor souls, it's impossible to keep record of them all. Between knives, fireworks thrown from moving cars, iron clubs, mace, and guns, one tends to lose memory of the relatively passer-by's. Aside from the fact that I wish I remember this Cohen Brothers character, I need some assistance.

Who took the photo? (Blair?) Does Chris remember this? Did it escalate? He looks ready to watch a Bears game and shoot some shit if they lose the game.

Strange thing is, I dress more like him these days than the kite-flying shit I had on there. But I did have Jovante's last board....

LATER NOTE: I asked Chris about this and all he had to say was "Ha, mall grab skills."

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Blair and I brought this kiddie table from Washboard's and tried flippies over it. I don't know why we didn't get them. That's a little Josh Renner in the background. He probably could've done either first try.

Tracyton got cut out of the budget a few years ago, co-opted students going to another school in a consolidation move which must've sucked for both student and teacher. It's just a grass field now.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Melody (AKA "Mel" back in the day) is an old friend. She sent me
this nice little ditty:

It's Saturday, around 8:30pm on a warm, breezy summer evening. I'm 36
years old. I just left work and am walking to my car. I hear the sound of
wheels on pavement, and the unmistakable sound of wood sliding on a curb,
echoing out of the parking garage across the street. As soon as I hear
these familiar sounds, I am 17 again. I imagine the boys inside of that
garage with ridiculously baggy pants and flannel shirts. The sound track
playing in my mind: Operation Ivy, NOFX, Descendents. I can taste the
Mountain Dew and as I take a deep breath, I can feel the cigarette smoke
flowing in my lungs (a habit I gave up more than 14 years ago.) I go all
the way back to my days as a cashier at a weird little burger joint called
Farknarkles, where on any given day I could hear the sounds of wheels
coming down the hill towards me, prompting me to get a few "pink waters" 

ready because my boys were thirsty!

As I approach my duel-sliding-door, silver mom van, I imagine myself opening

the door to a band-aid colored, 1978 Pinto station wagon. A bitter-sweetness
fills me as I remember days since passed. I feel content with the memories
made, and the friendships discovered. On my drive home, I think about
specific people and specific memories. I think about driving my friends
all over town so they could film their skate sessions; clocking them with the clunky

speedometer while they bombed hills; taking the injured to the hospital for
stitches, casts and bandages; and late summer nights, jacked up on coffee,
watching my friends skate a rooftop parking lot. Although I have no desire
to relive my teenage angst (or drive that Pinto), I feel a happiness that
I was a part of something that can cause me to completely step back in
time, even if only for a moment.

The next morning, as I pass that same parking garage on my way back to

work, I hear wheels again. I turn to look, just a middle-aged woman in a
navy suit wearing running shoes, holding her high heels and pulling a
rolling suitcase. Not the wheels I was hoping for.

Reverie officially over and I am 36 once again.

Monday, November 21, 2011


A lot of hours went down at this West Bremerton attraction. The new ledge looks fun, I need to check that out soon, had no time yesterday. It can be seen so far in these previous posts:


Skate Rats 101

Props to Seth Book for the updated version. 


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This video got me hyped before I even stepped on a board. I just remember Natas skating the couch. When I lived in Venice I was always hoping to run into Mike Muir. Never happened. Note the very oddly placed (even for him) Timothy Leary cameo.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Ben and Blair started this chicken wire concrete masterpiece in one of the lower parking lots of the East Bremerton YMCA, and Blair and I got a little further the following night via car headlights. The next day we found a large note from the Y insisting we cease and desist any and all building on private property. Now, just 20 or so yards away, is a large, public concrete skatepark...with no transitions.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


You can feel that Winter is upon us soon. Get ready for frost sessions. Must...find...mittens.

Heath, Chris, Blair and Quinn at Silverdale, Dec. '09. Fun.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


If we don't get them
They gonna get us all
I'm down for runnin' up on them
Crackers in they city hall
We ride for y'all...

Friday, November 4, 2011


I FILMED THAT. from Quinn Davis on Vimeo.

Only thing I ever filmed that made it into a legit company skate vid. Daewon Song, Daewon vs. Rodney Round 1. You don't care about credits when you're 21. He gave me a board and wheels. Good pay for 10 minutes work.

AFTERTHOUGHT: I wish Jeff Henderson would get his ass in this here blog...I know he's filmed some of the gnarliest stuff ever done to date. Stay gold, hoss. 


Greg Martin, old buddy, hometown ripper. Taught me board(rail)slides. This has got to be my first skate photo. Ma's point-n-shoot.

Wade Speyer, Aforementioned Bainbridge Think demo. Taught me I am a pussy. My old trusty Pentax Asahi, RIP.

Adam Crew, another hometown ripper. Blasting at Silverdale. Taught me what style looks like, holmes. Dad's newer Pentax, still got it. 

Blair Taylor, homeboy, running a little interference bonkage. What was that bank called? U-Haul? Pic taker?