Monday, October 17, 2011

Pools held the primordial ooze

This is a great photo. And I don't know the back story....he'll fill us in via comments.

 Blair's always been one of the funnest people to skate with, and always a step ahead of me.

Grind over the light, no coping, more like ledge on vert.

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Blair Taylor said...

This was the first pool I ever skated. Ben Hooker, Lafter Commons (Sam Hansen), and I found it by each pitching in $15 to rent a plane from the Bremerton Airport to go aerial pool hunting. We had a map and a sharpie - as we spotted them we marked them down best we could. This one was an especially lucky find because it was inside a plastic greenhouse next to a hotel in Hoodsport WA, out on Hood Canal. We drove out in Ben’s red VW panel van to skate it not long after, sitting on buckets in the back. The hotel was closed, so we slid in the back, bailed it, and went to work.

It was a long, narrow rectangle with super tight trannies, and as Quinn noted, had a gnarly cobblestone ledge in lieu of real coping. We all worked our way up over the light, snapping pictures with my disposable camera. I honestly don’t remember getting a grind that day, but the picture looks like my truck is locked in pretty good. Must have been harnessing the power of my Reebock hi-tops, cut-off sweat shorts, thrasher long sleeve tied around my waist, spiked bracelet, and the pink Black Flag tee Ben screened in art class! It was an epic session with some rad guys, one I’ll never forget.

Coincidentally, a few years ago while stopping for food on the way back from camping in the Olympics, I almost got run over in front of this same pool by a toothless meth head whose brakes went out!

Also coincidentally, Quinn and I first met at a pool cleaning party Ben Hooker arranged at an old pool on Erlands Point at the Kitsap Golf and Country Club. After a full day of draining and cleaning, we came back the next day to find it had filled back up overnight. Never skated…